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Michigan's Top Goldendoodle Breeder

Hi, I am Lauren.

The breeder behind Mitten Doodles.


I am a big advocate for raising puppies the "right way" to gain their full potential. I spend my nights researching and my days actively enriching each pup.


I highly believe in active enrichment for all our dogs. Puppies get to experience it all at the right times in the right amounts. Puppies are raised in the center of my home, surrounded by many little hands. This allows the pups to experience a bustling household. Our puppies then adjust to their new house with ease.

During the 8 weeks I have to make and imprint on each dog, I will introduce stimuli, noises, smells, different types of surfaces, while socializing with many people. This allows us ample opportunity to desensitize the puppies so they adjust better to new environments and eventually your home.

I promise to go above and beyond with rearing each pup. My goal is to match each individual puppy to their perfectly fitted home. Conducting temperament evaluations at 7 weeks old, affords me to guide each family to the pups that will flourish best in their home. Since doing placements this way, we have had easy transitions for both puppy and family.  

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