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The Mitten Doodle Difference
Service Dog Goldendoodle
How we are different....

Research has proven there is only a short window of time (till 16 weeks old) to stimulate, enrich, and socialize puppies to turn them into a well balanced, adult, canine companion. We do everything in our power to enrich and socialize our pups during the first 8 weeks of life. Follow along on facebook as you witness all the activities and enriching exercises we do with the pups. Then, when it's time to bring your puppy home, we provide you with the tools, resources, and a checklist on how to continue the enriching and socializing your pup needs.

3 days - 2 Weeks old

Early Neurological Stimulation

Every day we handle each individual puppy and conduct a series of 5 different exercise. These exercises produce neurological stimulation early on that wouldn't naturally occur. This tends to kick the neurological system into gear earlier, resulting in improved cardiovascular performance, stronger adrenal glands, more tolerant to stress, greater resistance to disease.

Early Scent Introduction
Puppies are introduced to a new smell daily. They remain unrestrained and have the option to engage with the smell. Studies have shown that dogs who engage with scent work early on are more likely to go on to be successfully trained service/therapy dogs. While we don't guarantee any service dog temperaments we are following the same protocols as if all our pups were moving on to be trained support animals.

3 Weeks old


The Enrichment Effect

  Puppies begin listening to lullaby music at night and desensitizing classical music with sounds during the day. Soft toys are added to the puppy whelping box during this week as we begin to gently enrich their environment.


 Puppies will receive daily massages along with gentle human interaction. Our goal is for the puppies to learn early on that people are good and safe.

Litter Training Begins.

 Puppies have a natural desire to keep their "den" clean. We introduce a potty area during this stage. This will make potty training a lot easier down the road.

Grand Rapids Michigan Goldendoodle Puppies

4 Weeks Old


The Enrichment Effect

 Every week, until the pups go home, we will enrich their environment. You'll see squeaky toys, bubble wrap, slick surfaces, tunnels, uneven wobble boards, steps, slides, and so much more. We try to add new enriching items daily.

Socializing Begins.

 This age is the perfect time begin introducing the pups to a variety of people. We invite friends and families over to play and interact with all the pups on many occasions.


Startle Recovery Begin.

 These exercises will help teach puppies to "bounce back" quickly from being startled.


Puppies will begin listening to everyday household noises as they are moved to the main living area of our home. They will hear children laughing, playing and crying. Vacuums, dogs barking, door bells, and so much more.


Emotional Resilience Exercises Begin.

 These exercises will prime puppy for the everyday challenges

they will soon face.


Problem Solving Games are Introduced.

 These will help puppies learn to handle life’s frustrations early.

crate trained goldendoodle puppies

5 Weeks Old


Crates are introduced into the puppy pen.

Puppies are crate exposed.


Puppies Begin to Learn Core Skills.

One skill we focus heavily on is recall. We teach pups to come when called, and reward with yummy treats.


Confidence Building.

 For the first time, puppies are capable of experiencing true fear. We guide each puppy though this fear stage avoiding any experience that might cause lifelong fear problems, and build up their confidence.

Puppy Culture Goldendoodle Breeder

6-8 Weeks Old

Body Handling.

We handle puppies daily.

We continue to cut nails multiple times a week.

Bathe, blow dry, and brush pups frequently.


Resource Guarding Prevention.

We play trade it up! This teaches puppies to enjoy having their treats, bones, food and toys taken away. Taught early on, helps prevent future incidents of resource guarding behavior.



We will play desensitizing sounds like thunderstorms, city traffic, vacuum cleaners, fireworks, hair dryer, grooming clippers and so much more.

Temperament Evaluations (7 weeks of age)

My goal is to match each individual puppy to their perfectly fitted home. Conducting temperament evaluations at 6-7 weeks old, affords me to guide each family to the pups that will flourish best in their home. Since doing placements this way, we have had easy transitions for both puppy and family.  

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