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Q: Do you have any puppies available right now?

A:  Sometimes. Puppy selections take place at 6.5 weeks of age. We begin with the families on our reservation list. Sometimes we have puppies leftover, If this were to happen, I will advertise available pups on here, Facebook, and Instagram.


Q: When will you have puppies available?

A: Our 'upcoming litter' page, found on the website, will show that we do have some wonderful litters coming up! Puppies are picked in order of date family placed a reservation fee with us.


Q: If I placed a deposit today, what’s the timeline for when I might expect a puppy?

A: Please be ready and comfortable to wait 1-4 months for your puppy.


Q: How many people are on the list for (example) Winnie x Sulley's litter?

A: We keep a litter list for each upcoming litters. Positions for a litter born are offered in the order reservation fees were received. You will join a specific waiting list for puppies of the size you preferred, in the correct order of date.

Q: What sizes of goldendoodles do you breed?

A: As of 2023 we are only breeding Mini (25-35 lbs) and Petite (15-25 lbs) goldendoodles.


Q: What generation of goldendoodles do you breed!

A: we are focusing on multigenerational goldendoodles. This ensures more predicable coats and traits.


Q: Are goldendoodles hypoallergenic?

A: “hypoallergenic” means low allergy inducing. There are absolutely allergy friendly breeds and yes, goldendoodles tend to fair well with those who suffer from allergies. It is never a guarantee though.


Q: Can we visit the puppies?

A:  To raise healthy puppies free from communicable diseases, that can be easily tracked in, we have to limit visitors. We post lots of videos and pictures so you can see how and where your puppy is raised. We also have references and many 5 star reviews.


Q: Where are your puppies raised!

A: Here, in my home. Underfoot and in laps. We do NOT have out buildings, kennels or dog runs. We have a bedroom dedicated to whelping and nurturing puppies the first 4 weeks of life. This ensures pups feel safe and secure with Mom. From 4-8 weeks pups are moved into our newly converted fully finished dog room on the main floor of our home and begin their curriculum work. This ensures pups are used to daily handling of children, normal household noises and love a family brings. 


Q: When do we select our puppy?

A: If you are on the reservation list, and you are up for selection, we will contact you around 6.5 weeks of age. Puppies will have had a vet exam and we have conducted temperament testing. Some families even have favorites picked out by this point. We will ask you to make your selection via phone call or email after discussing temperament testing outcomes. 


Q: How can I start the process of getting a puppy!

A: Please take the time to read our website, review the pricing page, and then fill out an application.

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