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Guardian Home Opportunity 


Petite Goldendoodle Male


Red with liver nose

Straight Shaggy Coat

Ready to go home end June

Welcome to the family! Mitten Doodles guardian program is designed to benefit everyone involved; puppy, guardian home and Mitten Doodles. This program is designed for families who would love a Goldendoodle puppy without the upfront costs. The Guardian program is designed to place a puppy in a home at an earlier stage in life verses later. The guardian dog will be part of the Mitten Doodle Breeding Program and all rights an ownership will be with Mitten Doodles LLC until contract is fulfilled. We are thankful for the guardian home option and are in need of future homes so we can continue with our goals of keeping our future breeding dogs out of kennels and in a family, home settings.

You'll never see puppies raised in an environment outside of the comfort and love a home brings. We sincerely believe that in order to raise healthy, well tempered, family companions they need to be born and raised inside a home with an active, loving, family. 

Our guardian home gets a pick of the litter puppy from us for $0.00. The puppy will be raised in the guardian home and will enter our program at breeding age, once health testing is complete. Our guardian dogs will retire in their guardian home after their time in our program is complete. 

How does it work for a female?

  • Once the female dog has passed all required health testing (at breeders expense) the female will enter our breeding program typically around 18 months+ of age.

  • When the female is in heat she will come to Mitten Doodles to be bred (5-7 days time). She will return to  Mitten Doodles to whelp and wean the puppies. Breeding female will be away from guardian home for (7-9 weeks for each litter)

  • We ask for an agreement of  4 litters total. Lawyer reviewed contract will be signed. 

  • Incentive gift per litter

  • When we retire her from our program Mitten Doodles pays to spay the dog and ownership passes to the guardian family. 

How does it work for a male?

  • Once the male dog has passed all required health testing (at breeders expense) the male will enter our breeding program. .

  • When a female is in heat male dog will come to Mitten Doodles to breed  female (average 5 days time). He will return to  guardian home after each breeding.

  • We ask for an agreement of upto 7 breeding years.  Lawyer reviewed contract will be signed. 

  • Incentive gift per litter

  • When we retire male from our program Mitten Doodles pays to neuter the dog and ownership passes to the guardian family. 

Guardian Home Requirements


In order to be considered for the Guardian Home Program, we require that you:

  1. Live within 30 miles of 49419 (males)  Live within 60 miles of 49419 (females)

  2. Adequate Fencing

  3. Own your own home.

  4. Experience owning and raising a puppy.

  5. The primary caregiver must have a schedule that will allow for the dog to not be left alone for extended periods of time and have flexibility for times of breeding.

  6. Complete an in-class Puppy Training Obedience Program 

  7. Maintain Health Insurance  for the first THREE years (typically around $20 a month).Guardian will be reimbursed for this cost after first litter. 

  8. Agreement that the dog will be an indoor dog only.  Will never be left in an unsupervised environment. 

  9. No Smoking inside the home.

  10. Have reliable transportation and willingness to bring the Dog to us when needed throughout the year for breeding and health testing purposes. 

  11. No plans of relocating in the next 5 years.

  12. Regular grooming of the dog.

  13. Willingness to feed approved diet.

  14. Maintain open lines of communication with Mitten Doodles concerning any matter related to the Dog.

  15. Willingness to have a dog that will be needed for breeding.
    ​ For females, that involves the dog staying with us for breeding (typically a couple days) and then       whelping and raising puppies (7-9weeks). Females will have 4 litters. 
    For males, that involves willingness to bring male for breeding as needed within a 48 hours notice.

  16. Be willing to notify breeder when the dog is in “heat;” within 48 hours.

  17. Have no other intact dogs in your home or yard (neutered or spayed dogs are OK).

  18. Willingness to allow us to visit your home and the dog. Allow the dog to stay with us a few times a year. This ensures the dog will remain comfortable with us. We will do our best to arrange these visits around travel/vacation schedules as long as we don't have puppies on the ground.

  19. Understand that Lauren may need to make decisions about the Guardian Dog and you will have to respect those decisions. Examples may include, but are not limited to: keeping a female longer, additional vet care, etc.  All decisions ARE always for the betterment of the dog.

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